Lakshay Academy is expanding at a fast pace. In this regard we are open to appoint franchisees. We invite you to partner with us in our growth.


  • Opportunity to be a part of a successful business network.
  • You are buying into an established system.
  • Access to the brand LAKSHAY ACADEMY.
  • Access to Technical Know-How to operate the centre.
  • A basic business plan will be provided to give you a head start.
  • Access to standard, well established business practices.
  • Access to Quality Products and Services will form a base for your business enterprise.
  • Hand-Holding support for setting up the centre.
  • Guidance is provided for developing Marketing strategies.
  • Training and support is provided to all new partners, with respect to Products, Services and Marketing.

The risks associated with the business venture are mitigated because you are partnering with an established player. The venture will take off smoothly as you will be ably assisted by our team.