“ The founders had a clear and well defined mission - to build an unaided, self - financed Academy committed to delivering quality education, a Academy that would go on to serve as an intellectual resource base in India and the sub-continent. ”


“Lakshay Academy stands faithful to the vision of its founders - it seeks students and faculty who take seriously their commitment to their community and their world, who are aware, active and involved. Students who Study from Lakshay Academy are expected to understand the technological, environmental and ethical challenges they will face in a world of accelerating change. Recognizing that those challenges will transcend the traditional boundaries between disciplines and nations, Lakshay academy encourages education that is distinctively interdisciplinary. Yatha Drishti, Thatha Srishti As the Vision, so the World”


“Our aim from the beginning has been to make this Academy the most eminent in the country, in order to draw to it the youth of every State”


  • Vocational Courses/Training

    Vocational Courses/Training

    a. Career Counselling Training
    b. Nursery Teacher Training Program

  • Skills Training

    Skills Training

    a. How to face an Interview
    b. PDP (Personality Development Program)
    c. English Speaking Course

  • Management Training
  • Coaching Classes

    Coaching Classes

    a. 1st-Xth (All Subjects)
    a. XIth-XIIth Commerce stream (All Subjects)

Welcome to Lakshay Academy

Lakshay Academy is an initiative by Lakshay Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd., Lakshay Academy is actively working since 2009 to promote excellence in Educational, Vocational, Management, Skills Training and Coaching. Lakshay Academy is an autonomous academy designing career oriented courses for students who aspire to find suitable jobs, become entrepreneurs, or excel in any type of vocation & committed to making a profound and lasting contribution to society. Our Courses are not concerned with any university or board. Lakshay Academy recognize no more exalted role then that of “Educated Citizens”. Citizens with a powerful sense of fairness, a profound belief in democratic ideals and a willingness to celebrate talent of many kinds. For the founders, this goal is rich with meaning. Continuous efforts are made to realize this goal by providing a unique learning environment in which, the faculty and the students, share the responsibility for learning.